Meet Your Guide

Tolkein wrote in The Lord of the Rings, "Not all who wander are lost". And certainly those who wander with us will discover the wonders of Auckland on foot. Its nooks and crannies, its less travelled paths, its 'Middle Earthness'! Because we're locals and Auckland is our hometown.

When you walk with an Aucky Walky guide, you can be assured of more sights, more laughs and more inspiration. Our tours are factually researched and presented with flair. Your guide is a local pro and comes first aid certified. Above all we're friendly locals! 

Our Kiwi accents may sound funny but you'll soon learn your togs from your swimwear and your jandals from your flip-flops.

Got it? Don’t worry you will by the end of your tour! 

Local Liz

Hello -Kia ora! I’m a fourth generation Kiwi girl and my passion for professional guiding evolved from showing friends and family around Auckland, my hometown. I'm very fond of my beautiful and friendly city.

I have raised my two sons here while also knocking off most of the Great Walks of New Zealand. Well travelled, I love hanging out with happy people on holiday! Read on for an insight on what to expect from my Auckland.

Don’t be surprised if an Aucklander gives you a cheery "Hi" as they walk down the street to the corner dairy (shop) - we're just friendly. Be prepared for Māori place names you can’t pronounce but have a go anyhow - it’ll give the locals a laugh. Just remember to roll your "R"s. And the weather? Well dress for four seasons in one day and you’ll be right. It rains often and that’s why Māori first called us ‘Aotearoa -the land of the long white cloud’. It’s also why our city tap water is safe to drink.

Be prepared to stop at zebra crossings which our kids sprint across bare feet to school or for a Customs Officer to ask, "any fruit in your bag Sir?" when you arrive in New Zealand. We’re super protective of our agriculture so bin the banana before you arrive!

Expect to hear many accents on your visit. After all, Auckland is the largest Polynesian city in the world. Not the “Little Britain of the South Pacific”.

One day is never enough in a new city. So walk with me to get the most out of Auckland.
We’re stoked that you’re coming down to see us.

Ngā mihi! (Bye for now)